Allison Berkner

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Allison Berkner is a 2D artist who works with all types of drawing and painting materials, as well as digital design. In the spring of 2023, she earned her BFA in Drawing and a Graphic Design certificate from the University of Florida. Throughout her time at UF she has had various design internships/jobs and exhibition experiences. Allison has digitally designed t-shirts, websites, and information booklets for the University of Florida. Her most recent exhibition “Uncovering the Self” in Gainesville, FL, was co-curated with another senior classmate. Both Allison and her classmate examined deep themes within the human consciousness for this exhibit. Allison recently has focused her work on sifting through how to visualize the transformation of memory into something permanent. Using layered line work, abstract portraiture, and soft materials such as charcoal and pastel, the aim is to create pieces about wanting to preserve the fragility of our present reality into a world beyond.

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