Annie Politsch

Annie Politsch Headshot


Annie Politsch was born in Missouri, and as a child spent recess by herself, sitting under the playground connecting small flowers to make bowls. Creating is and has forever been an integral part of Annie’s life. Growing up, her family’s kitchen table was an organized mess of arts and crafts. Annie can easily get into a flow state and focus for hours if given an art project. A jack of all trades, Annie has dabbled in a variety of mediums: photography, wire wrapping, fused glass, ceramics, drawing, watercolor, leatherworking, beading, woodcarving, macrame, and the list goes on. While she will try just about anything, photography, fused glass, and macrame agree best with her skill set.
Annie’s passion for travel and new experiences landed her in the Netherlands, where she earned two Master’s degrees from University of Amsterdam in Cultural Sociology and Environmental Geography.