Cyndi Lanier

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Cyndi Lanier is an artist from Mexico Beach Florida. In addition to Second Nature Arts, her art and framing business, she and her husband also run a Charter Fishing Business. She views art, like life, as an exploration and a never ending journey of learning. Cyndi has a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Wesleyan College and spent many years in various administrative roles and owned several small businesses where creativity played a background role in her work. About 15 years ago she decided to make creativity the main focus and pursue what she has al-ways been at heart, an artist! She has explored various media including pastels, water-colors, photography and more recently oil painting. No matter the media, she has al-ways been drawn to nature. For the past 10 years she has included nature printing in her exploration of art, feeling drawn to capture the patterns and shapes created by “The Great Creator”. She views her work as a bringing together of all the artistic endeavors she has learned on her path and enjoys sharing her knowledge through small classes in order to give her students the tools to encourage them on their own artistic journeys. For her original works, Cyndi enjoys the combination of organic and abstract process along with exacting detail of the print. A balance between art and science! She uses oil based inks to capture the initial prints on paper. For many of her pieces, a thin Japanese paper is hand dyed to create the background. The papers are then mounted to cradled wood panels or canvas and then finished using a combination of watercolor, pastel and inks to bring each piece to life. Once completed, each original is sealed with several layers of protective varnish.

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