Elder Jones

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I got my introduction to wet carved concrete in 1982 from my mentor the late Jack B. Hastings. For the next few years I slowly pursued the art form. By 1990 I was fully into concrete sculpting. Before long I was doing the craft fairs of the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists and placing my work in galleries. In 2002 I started teaching an occasional workshop in the technique and by 2008 I was traveling the country, primarily out west, doing numerous workshops at Art Centers, Museums and Individual Artists’ Studios. Then the pandemic hit, the traveling stopped and I let my web site lapse.

Although the technique has been around for many decades, other than myself and a few others, no one that I am aware of is continuing to explore the wide range of creative possibilities this simple and diverse form of expression presents.

Currently my creative activities are involved with vegetable gardening and exploring nature.


Water Carving Concrete with Elder Jones

In this 3-day workshop, each person will make a 20-30lb sculpture or planter. Day 1 – We…

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