Jennifer Rubinstein

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Jennifer Rubinstein is a champion for the creative spirit!
She is a mixed media artist who plays with all kinds of materials, be it glass, paper, paint, found objects, textiles, and mosaics.
In her world, it is all about color, movement and energetic expression. Her style is an experimental, color-fueled synthesis of palpable energy, repetitious patterns, hatch marks, parts, and pieces. She loves taking random bits of things and putting them together to tell a new story.
She believes that everyone is an artist and loves inspiring others to be more playful and creative.
Her favorite question is “What if…”
Jennifer’s life is as eclectic as her artwork as she loves learning new things and following her curiosity. She has a BA in Psychology from University of Florida, and MA in Transformative Art from JFK University in Berkeley, CA.
In between those degrees she also became a pastry chef and a massage therapist.
She spends most of the year in Florida teaching creatively inspired classes and workshops in mosaics and fused glass and the summers as a chef at a remote lodge in Alaska.

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