Jet Sabbagh

Jet Orsi


Jet Sabbagh is a classically trained artist who has never been able to stick to just one medium. From oil painting to sculpting, from costume making to photography, she
really does just feel the need to try it all. This urge to learn all that she can is how she ended up with both a Bachelors and a Masters in the Arts. After getting her Masters, Jet spent a brief stint teaching public school in Baltimore. Most recently, Jet has been working as a tattooing apprentice and a commission-based artist. She specializes in the
creation of custom tarot card decks. She describes her artistic style as “entirely process-based,” a term meaning she is not in this for the final product. This mode of working has allowed her to be a very flexible artist when it comes to style. The freedom that comes with choosing the look, feel, and medium of the art that best suits her idea and not looking for ideas that will suit her personal style.