Lisa MacNamara

Lisa Macnamara


Lisa questioned what it was to be an artist – she still ponders that question currently in the MFA painting program at FAU. Challenging herself with all aspects of painting and 3D work, Lisa has a passion for teaching creativity. Her early college years included biology, exercise science, and psychology. She didn’t finish her art degrees until 2015, at Arizona State University with a BFA dual major of painting and sculpting. After a very successful decorative art business in Denver, CO and Prescott AZ, which included hand-crafted wall panels that are featured in New York City as well as Dania, FL design centers, she worked as a nationally-certified color consultant, working with architects and builders – all the while, she and her husband raised two children. Her paintings and sculptures continue to develop in an abstract, expressionistic genre. Lisa’s work is currently represented by Big Art Now, in Palm Beach, FL.  People have been collecting her work since 1994, along with public art in Prescott, AZ.  Currently, her work is on exhibit in Naples, as well as Civitella, Italy, with upcoming shows scheduled in Phoenix and Miami.


Paper, Textures and Painting – Watercolor, Acrylics and Oil Welcome! with Lisa MacNamara

Paper, texture and painting – ALL THREE! Incoporate various papers into your paintings, watercolor, acrylics or oils,…

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