Lon Brauer

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Lon Brauer is an American oil painter known for his work in figure and plein air landscape. He has a BFA from Washington University and an MFA from Fontbonne University – both in St. Louis, Missouri.

Born in 1955 and coming of age in the early 70s, Lon has roots in the abstract expressionist movement. Although firmly rooted as a representational artist, Lon skirts the abstract with broken edges, distorted shapes, and inventive color….all while staying true to a concrete drawing ethic.

“I look for things that I’ve never seen before and that I think can live within the broader world of art making with some relevance. For me, it’s the editing process that dictates whether something hits the wall or not. I let the painting process drive the activity and I just hang on to the reins to keep it on the road.”

Brauer has shown his work both nationally and overseas. He holds signature membership with Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Outdoor Painters Society, and the American Society of Marine Artists. He travels extensively with top plein air events each season. When home, he is in studio painting and sculpting. He holds frequent workshops where he teaches drawing and painting through figurative and landscape themes. Lon Brauer Studios is in Granite City, IL where Lon lives with his partner, quillwork artist Djuana Tucker.

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