Maracole Bijoux

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I am able to turn seed beads into something luxurious, by exiting the traditional path of folk art and tuning into a contemporary language. My challenge is to play with forms and colors to convey an emotion, and to create wearables that come into life. Although I can perform many stitches, I purposely utilize only one weaving technique, called CRAW, cubic right angle weave, which is extremely time consuming. This is because I envision a sturdy bead mesh as if it was a medium on its own, therefore I can focus on the shape of my creation, rather that the transition between one stitch to another. I basically work with my bead mesh like a paper cut out, and in fact I get often asked “what is this made of”, as for people cannot immediately identify my jewelry as beadwork. This is quite unusual for a bead smith.The seed beads that I utilize are high quality and long lasting (Dura-coat and 24K gold plated), and I select lucite spheres of the highest quality for my designs, which narrative originates from my background in children entertainment.