Mary Garrish

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Mary Garrish is a landscape painter known mostly for her seascapes and coastal scenes in oils. She also travels extensively and teacher in France and Italy. She started out in a career as an ENT surgeon and become enthralled with landscape painting through a number of Plein Air workshops with many great teachers such as Scott Christensen, Matt Smith, Quang Ho,. Mary was an artist in Residence at the Everglades National Park. You can see her videos on YouTube specifically on Art School Live or Streamline Publishing with Eric Rhodes. She considers herself a representational painter and is drawn to the ever changing atmosphere.

Designing A Studio Painting From Photo Or Plein Air Painting With Mary Garrish Supply List


Designing a Studio Painting from Photo or Plein Air Painting with Mary Garrish

Mary Garrish will explain the 6 principles of design – line, shape, value, color, edges and texture….

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