Michael Faria

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Gallery Administrator
​Michael came from a very artistic family – his grandmother was an avid painter, and happily shared that with him. This introduction to the art world, at a young age, not only gave him a form of expression but also brought him that much closer to his family and his grandmother. He would delve deeper into the arts as he entered higher education. During his high school career, he would be accepted into an exclusive magnet program that would not only expand upon his childhood interests, but also introduce him to new and unexplored artistic capabilities. Once out of school he would work, privately, on his art, while maintaining a job in hospitality. His hospitality career would lead him to Florida. Once in Florida, he picked up his art again, with a renewed drive spearing him onward to seek like-minded artistic individuals. As an outsider artist, Michael has been able to see his feelings and ideas reflected back into the world. A love for art that was first instilled by his grandmother is once again something that connects him to the world and the people around him.