Orville Giguiento

Giguiento Head Shot From Website


Born in the Philippines, where he got his training and license as an architect, Orville’s first passion was art. He started doodling with watercolors in grade school but pursued a more technical career in architecture.

Migrated to the US in 2001, he worked as an architectural designer, illustrator, 3D renderer, and design project manager. But the painting bug kept pursuing him. In the summer of 2020, when all things slowed down due to covid 19, he dug up his brushes, joined painting clubs, and the rest is a very brief history.

Though he does oil and acrylic and digital media, he loves the nuance and challenges of watercolor, as reflected in most of his recent works. Being self-taught, he doesn’t adhere to any set rules or styles but is in continuous exploration of the magic that is, watercolor.