Tom Casmer

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Few visual mediums fall outside the purview of Tom Casmer’s vision.  In this exhibition, Casmer explores elaborate stacked wood constructs that he has milled by hand to create circuit-like blueprints in three dimensions.  At times his pieces mimic the building blocks of modern electronics, while at others they evoke the geometric incisions of Mesoamerican peoples.  Casmer invites viewers to bridge the gap between the organic and inorganic.  Through it all, he displays his same self-proclaimed fascination with mechanical forms. “Machines, diagrams, and schematics simultaneously entrance and confound me.  While I cannot comprehend their inner workings, I find inherent beauty in their structure.  The shapes that exist underneath the skin and fabric of the world around me provide an endless supply of subject matter for my work.”

Raised in the Midwest, he graduated with a BFA in illustration and Graphic Design from School of Associated Arts in his home state of Minnesota.  His career includes stints in design groups, illustration studios, corporate art departments, and he recently retired from Ringling School of Art + Design in Sarasota.