Tristyn Bustamante

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3D Design Concepts – The Piñata

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Handbuilding 101 from Home

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​Meaning Making – Developing and Refining Ideas

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Tristyn Bustamante achieved an MFA from Arizona State University in 2013. She has attended residencies and given lectures in places such as Clayarch Gimhae Museum in South Korea, The Armory Art Center in Florida, and New Harmony Clay Project in Indiana. Her work involves the use of clay and other materials to produce carefully planned yet intuitively designed sculptural objects. Tristyn has exhibited regionally and nationally, as well as at a few locations abroad. As a community and education advocate, she has pursued teaching, learning, and involvement in local communities whenever and wherever she can. Tristyn had worked both part-time and full-time as an instructor of art for a range of ages and skill sets at different institutions, and as a Studio Director at the Armory Art Center.

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