Print Mounting and Finishing (For Nature/Fish Prints)

Days & Times:
Monday (Studio C) - 2pm-4pm
Tuesday (Studio B) - 2pm-4pm
Studio C and Studio B

This class is for students that have taken either the Botanicals Printing Class and/or the Fish Printing Class and would like to mount their prints to cradled wood panels, finishing touches, and varnish for a completed, hanging piece of artwork. Students will choose one or more of the prints that they printed in the previous classes. In the first session of this workshop, Cyndi will discuss and demonstrate a couple of methods she uses to create dyed background papers for her completed artwork. Students will then choose from provided back-ground papers (if desired) and mount their chosen prints to cradled wood panels. After they dry overnight, In the second session, students will use colored pencils, water colored pencils, and pastels to add finishing touches to their pieces (including the eyes of the fish) and then apply final coats of varnish.

Please bring an apron or smock to protect clothing. Instructor will pro-vide all other materials needed for the class. Materials fee will vary depending on how many pieces students wish to mount. Plan on $10 – $25 per panel depending on size.