Achieve Perspective and Illumination in all Your Water Paintings with Michelle Held

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Days & Times:
January 25 and January 26 - 10am-4pm
Intermediate – Advanced
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio C

Join award-winning artist Michelle Held in a 2-day workshop to learn sure-fire techniques to incorporate gorgeous water in your paintings. In this workshop, Michelle will inspire you with tricks and techniques to incorporate and enhance all your landscape paintings. Michelle’s tips will help you make the water elements easier for you and make your paintings sparkle!

Guiding you in painting both still and moving water, from lakes and waterfalls to ocean waves. Learn how to convey movement, distance and make distant water perspectively recede into the landscape.

We will dive deep to use transparency and atmosphere to depict water realistically, including waves washing up on a sandy shore, and a better understanding of reflections on an ever so still lake.

Michelle will enhance your paintings to create believable reflections and luminous rolling waves. Join in this unique opportunity to create beautiful water paintings and submerge yourself in techniques to level up all your future paintings!

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