Adding Impressionistic Figures to Tell a Story with Michele Byrne

Days & Times:
February 2, February 3, and February 4 - 10am-4pm
Intermediate – Advanced
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio C

Michele will show you how to add natural-looking figures to your paintings using a palette knife or bold brush strokes. She will also teach you how to compose your paintings using strong design, value, temperature, and paint manipulation. Starting with a small-value Study/Thrust Map for the design and then moving onto the canvas. You will start your canvas with a strongly designed underpainting and then add the colors with the correct values and color chroma. Finishing with thick paint and then paint manipulation to create a powerful and dramatic impressionistic painting full of life and movement. Michele will do daily demonstrations in the mornings followed by student work time with lots of one-on-one help. On day one you will paint from live models to gain confidence in creating believable body language of your subjects. On day two you’ll design a strong piece from beginning to end. On day three you’ll continue with your painting or start a new one. Please bring your own photos or use some that I will supply. This will be an indoor class working from photos. It will be a fun and information-packed workshop!

Adding Impressionistic Figures to Tell a Story Supply List