Buying a New Camera – the Perfect Course for Beginners

Days & Times:
Tuesdays - 9am - 12pm
  • Zoom instruction from your home followed by on Site Photographing.
  • As an ADDED BENEFIT all classes are recorded, FREE for your Photography Library.
  • Free written step by step Instructions.
  • Ideal for South Florida residents from Palm Beach, Stuart and Port St. Lucie.

My Guidelines are Simple and Easy to Learn, while mastering your camera as you photograph on site.

Unsure of all the knobs, buttons and settings? Confused with photography’s terminology for instance iso, f/stops, shutter speed, modes, auto and manual focus, exposure compensation and live view?

Together we will apply all of the above mysteries creating photographic art that you will cherish..

  • Adjusting camera settings spontaneously
  • How to shoot what you feel, not what you see
  • Getting it right out of the camera all the time
  • It’s all about Light, Shadows, Composing the Shot and Creating an Emotional Response


  • Hutchinson Island’s House of Refuge and its Shoreline Geologic Outcroppings
  • Historic Stuart Boardwalk and under the Roosevelt Bridge
  • Banyan Tree Tunnel 
  • Further west, Port Mayaca from Lake Okeechobee