Capturing the Soul of the Sitter with Serge Strosberg

Days & Times:
Wednesday - 10am-4pm
Thursday - 10am-4pm
Friday - 10am-4pm
Intermediate to Advanced
Studio C

Capture the likeness of a model and give life to the portrait, to transcend anatomical resemblance. Day one, the class will start with a compositional pencil sketch, and paint the composition in black and white directly onto the canvas or board, using ink, and diluted white acrylic. When dry, students will apply a wash or glaze with light green or blue pigment. Day two, the class will add a warm glaze to the canvas with light red ochre pigment. Serge will give a 30-minute demonstration on how to mix colors to make harmonious flesh tones. Then the class will start building volume by adding shadows which should be apparent under the two glazes and light with thicker paint, combining warm and cold colors. Day three will be devoted to working on details in the portrait – in particular the eyes, the muscles of the face, and the expression of the mouth, going as far as possible to bring out the life and likeness of the sitter.