Character Design for Beginners with Bianca Urbanowicz

Days & Times:
Wednesday - 5-7pm
Ages 12-16
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio B

In this course, the student will be introduced to the world of Computer Animation for Feature Film. They will learn about the industry, the different parts of the studio Pipeline, and what goes into making some of their most beloved films. Choosing one of the three fairy tales provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course, the students will then decide upon a character to design. Using the principles of shape language, color theory, and character posing the students will begin the lifelong exploration of how to bring a character to life. Week 1; Explore what it means to character design and discuss the pipeline of the animation studio. Take a look at the 3 Fairytales and choose one with a character to focus on Week 2; Discuss shape language, color, line, and anatomy in designing a character. Designing the characters will be done with paper collage, pencil, and paper, or marker. Choose the final design direction and begin thinking about the pose sheet Week 3; Wrap up the final design and begin 4 body attitudes sheet one pose being the Hero Pose Week 4; Continue refining body attitudes and Hero Pose Week 5; Nail Down the Hero and start Character Turn Around Week 6; Continue Character Turn Around Week 7; Finish Up Turn Around and/or do some fun designing using what we have learned to test those new creative muscles Week 8; Answer questions, talk about Portfolio, what setting up a portfolio is like.