Cloisonné Enamel on Silver

Days & Times:
January 26 and January 27 - 9:30am - 4:30pm
Beginner (some experience is helpful )
385 Tequesta Drive - Studio J

This class will give students an opportunity to explore Cloisonne Enamel on fine silver, using transparent enamels. Students should be able to complete a simple Cloisonne design on a pair of earrings or pendant during the workshop.   

The class will include step by step demonstrations and student work time. Demonstrations will be given on enamel safety, metal preparation, sifting of enamels and kiln firing. Cloisonne steps to be demonstrated include design, use of gold foil, application of cloisonne wires, working with wet enamels, and finishing. 

If time allows, demos will be given on setting methods, soldering for enameling, and making ear wires. 

Class pieces will use fine silver as a base, and non-leaded transparent enamels. 

Students should have studio experience in metals, at least at a Beginning Jewelry level. Some enamel experience is helpful, but not required. 

Cloisonne Enamel on Silver Supply List