Color and Temperature with Don Sahli

Days & Times:
Thursday - 10am-4pm
Friday - 10am-4pm
Saturday - 10am-4pm
All Levels Welcome
Studio C

This class focuses on color and temperature using paint on canvas. This fun learning experience will include working from a still life, where ‘color’ will be explored as well as temperature (warm and/or cool). Simple spots of color pieces will be stressed. The abstract foundation will be paramount and the detail left as accent and calligraphy. The landscape will also be explored, working from colorful plein air field studies. In this same vein of painting with color, the abstract will be a subject. In exploring these subjects, the techniques of alla prima, bravura, wash, drawing with a brush, wet into wet, working thin and thick, working quickly, and painting like a rich man will be used. Don works hands-on with the student and will demonstrate regularly and lecture during class. Many examples and paintings will be used to explain various concepts. Don will meet the students’ needs at their skill level. All levels of understanding painting are welcome. This is an oil painting class, but other mediums are permitted.

March 17th, 16th and 18th.