Contemplating Clouds or Capturing the Ephemeral Light with Carin Wagner

Days & Times:
Mondays, 1-4pm
373 Tequesta Dr. Studio C

Using oil paints to achieve highly realistic cloudscapes, which can then form an essential part of your landscapes or on its own- gorgeous cloudscape – minimalist beauty. Wagner will demonstrate and guide students through the process, from blending the colors softly into each other maintaining clean colors and translucency, to building the more sculptural cloud formations. Preferably students will have previous experience with oils or acrylics. This technique uses small quantities of oil, worked in successive layers, with drying time hastened by walnut alkyd painting medium. Wagner will paint the same painting as the class so that each step is demonstrated. More advanced students may wish to work on independent pieces with guidance as needed. Individual attention will be offered at each stage.

Notice:  April 15th class has been rescheduled to April 19th from 9am-12pm