Days & Times:
Tuesdays, 4pm - 7pm

Basic drawing, colored pencil, and color theory knowledge/background helpful but not required. This is a beginning/intermediate class.


373 Tequesta Dr. Studio A


The objective of this course would be to learn the basics of colored pencils, different types of paper, color theory, and drawing skills. · Ideally, the students will create 3 or 4 total drawings in colored pencil.  The technique would be for the instructor to have the class do color theory and colored pencil exercises leading up to their final pieces. · Starting with learning the color wheel, and diving into properties of color theory, the students will gain knowledge about how color interacts with itself and how it is perceived. · Going hand in hand, the students will also learn how to use colored pencils via different application techniques, shading and blending colors, as well as how paper can affect your drawing. · They will draw from photos as well as real life with objects. · Specific requirements for this course is to have a 12 pack of Prisma Colored Pencils, graphite pencils, multi-colored paper to help learn color theory, and other materials listed. · The course structure would be broken up within about every 2 classes. One class we will learn the basics of one thing, the next class we put that lesson into practice with a drawing; ex: one class we will learn and do exercises about cool tones/colors, the next class we will focus on a drawing that utilize those principles.

Drawing with Colored Pencil Supply List