Florida’s Fabulous Birds with Bob Gibson

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Days & Times:
December 17 - 7am-11am
All Levels Welcome
Offsite in Delray Beach (locations are in description)

7 am: Wakodohatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach,
9 am: Green Cay Nature Preserve, Delray Beach

Students will learn how to take telephoto portraits of Egrets, Herons, Anhingas, Waterfowl, and more using shallow depth of field (wide apertures) to create contrast between subject and background. Students will practice taking images at eye level with their subjects for the most intimate portraits, and learn to position the camera to capture “catch light” in the eyes of their subjects. To capture sharply focused birds in flight, students will learn the best shutter speeds for each species.

Fabulous Birds Photography Workshop Supply List