Go Figure! — The Art of Drawing People

Days & Times:
February 14 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
Beginning to Intermediate
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio C

Gain Confidence in Your Figurative Work Drawing from life is not only talent or practice! It’s also education and skill. Practice doesn’t help if you practice the same mistakes over and over. Good news! Even a small new way of seeing can create an exponential leap in your ability. (How great is that!)

Go Figure! aims to fill some very common gaps in rendering the figure from life, so you can significantly grow your ability and your confidence. There is a middle ground between learning on your own and the “all-in, all-day” training in the modern-day atelier. In this one-day session, we will introduce (or fine-tune) classic drawing approaches and exercises that will allow you to level up your figure work from wherever you are right now to support your growth as you continue in your own practice. If you have been frustrated with learning from videos or books, or if you never had any classical training but would like some of those drawing secrets, join us as we learn in a supportive and collegial atmosphere that recognizes we are never done learning, growing, and improving.

Go Figure! — The Art of Drawing People Workshop Supply List