How to Develop Your Images – Lightroom Classic and Photoshop 2021, Easy & Simplified

Days & Times:
Mondays - 9am-12pm
Beginning to Intermediate

Richard will take the intimidation and mystery out of these classic post-processing applications. He will demonstrate all his processing techniques in a simplified approach, helping students to find their vision and visual style. This is where the magic happens. Together, his course will elevate their images from the camera to a creative art form finding their hidden artistry through Photography. This is what photography is, an expression of human creative skill and imagination.
Requirements: Computer, Adobe Creative Cloud, $9.99 monthly subscription cost, Plugin bundle for Quick Mask Pro and Artisan Pro X, $70.00 (students will receive a 30% discount code payable via Pay Pal or credit card), Computer experience is required. Live streaming will be via Zoom with a get-together preliminary question and answer meeting.