How to Make Colors Sing: Harmonies from Select Palettes

Days & Times:
January 26 and January 27 - 9am-3pm
Intermediate - Advanced
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio C

The objective of this workshop is to create vibrant paintings using color harmonies from select palettes. 


 By limiting the number of colors used and learning the proper mixing techniques, adding and removing, the painter learns to control the palette and achieve a pleasing harmony. Limited palettes clarify values, giving the artist more control over the painting process. 

This practice also personalizes future paintings to become identifiable and unique to the artist. 


Day 1-The workshop will begin with a short demo and then a practice session. In the afternoon, students will try the technique with a reference of their choice, or photos will be provided by the instructor. A short technique will end the day. 


Day 2- The workshop will begin with a short demo, using a totally different palette from the previous day, but painting the same or very similar subject. Students will practice mixing techniques. After lunch students will practice from their reference photos.  

Workshop will end with a critique.