Impressionist Portraits from Photographs: Make it a Painting with Emotion!

Days & Times:
December 7 and December 8 - 9am-3pm
Intermediate - Advanced
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio A (Studio C on February 16 and February 17)

The objective of this workshop is to create accurate representations in an Impressionist style imbued with emotion. The photograph(s) is the jumping point from which the portrait will be rendered, but the objective is not to paint a photo realist image. By learning the rudimentary techniques for painting a recognizable, accurate portrait, the student will be free to add color and imagery to imbue the painting with emotion and personalization.  Day 1 – The workshop will begin with a demo. The demo will be in stages, allowing the students to follow at each major step. Students will practice the technique with a reference of their choice, either a person or animal. A short critique will end the day. Day 2 – Will follow a similar format as Day 1. Students can continue with the portrait they started, or work from a new reference photo. A final critique will end the workshop 

Impressionist Portraits From Photographs Supply List