Landscape & Figure Workshop

Days & Times:
Thursday - 10am - 4pm
Friday - 10am - 4pm
All Levels Welcome
Studio C

Day 1: Fundamentals of Landscape Painting  require a strategy to capture the scene with a simplified design and correct color relationships. Impressionism is the effect of light on objects. It’s critical to understand how light creates color and form and how color conveys light. A beginner copies nature, the artist interprets and arranges a more powerful whole. Seeing abstractly means to understand the patterns and shapes underlying nature.

Day 2: Fundamentals of Figure Painting working from reference photos, students will create a small color study from a masterwork. Next Eli will go over the fundamentals of drawing and painting the figure: gesture, simplifying forms and painting value and color as a unit. A diversity of methods and techniques will be demonstrated. In the afternoon, the focus will be on painting people in an environment; such as a beach or cafe. Plan on doing a lot of small, gesture sketches in charcoal, monochrome and eventually color. The emphasis will be on designing the figure-ground relationship and incorporating moving figures in a landscape.