Days & Times:
Wednesdays, 6-8pm

All Levels Welcome


385 Flex Space

Look like a domestic goddess and learn how to create easy, hand-sewn collages!

These simple, colorful designs can be mounted to a greeting card and sent as happy mail. They can be matted and framed, or hung on the wall, as-is. This beginner-friendly workshop will approach the basics of fiber art and sewing in a fun (promise) and accessible way.

Using just a few stitches (literally), a handful of fabric scraps, and some stickerbacked fabric that disappears in water, students will create textile collages of florals, animals, landscapes, and other simple shapes. Matted collages can be framed, hung on walls, or given as gifts.

Designs will rotate seasonally and can be adapted to meet the needs of every student. All levels of expertise are welcome. Come stitch and b**** and play with needles and thread in a low-pressure environment. With jokes. Materials are inlcuded!