Mixed Media Collage Painting with Kim Rae Taylor

Kim Rae Taylor 1
Days & Times:
Thursdays, 1-4pm
All Levels Welcome
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio B

This course will explore new approaches to image making by combining painting with collage techniques. Students will think more expansively about what a painting can be and how alternative media can embed and affix to the painted surface. A variety of collage media will be introduced, including fabric, textiles, plastic, and upcycled materials. Both acrylic paint and watercolor will be used with canvas and paper, with an emphasis on how to prepare unique surfaces for a more experimental approach. The first class will include a short presentation of the history of collage, with a focus on key artists, and each class will feature a particular theme, along with a demonstration of different techniques and materials. There are no requirements for this course, other than an interest in creating imagery with collage and painting. Previous experience with drawing or painting is not necessary.

Mixed Media Collage Painting Supply List