Modeling Glass with Carolyn Austin

Days & Times:
Thursdays - 9am-12pm
All Levels Welcome
385 Tequesta Drive - Studio J

How Does Modeling Glass Work?

By using a two-part Modeling Glass Mixture and a variety of bullseye glass powder colors you can turn them into a moldable, sculptural material similar to clay. The Powdered Binder is a food-grade, nontoxic cellulose-based material that reacts with water as a thickener. The Liquid Medium is also food-grade and nontoxic and combines with water to give body and smoothness to the Modeling Glass while preventing stickiness. Both the Binder and the Liquid Medium burn away during firing, leaving pure glass behind.  Students will learn how to mix various colors of powders, and how to blend and use a variety of tools to sculpt and mold their modeling glass into a one-of-a-kind sculpture that can be free-standing, displayed in a frame, or on an easel. Discussions on how certain colors and textures are achieved and mature using certain firing temperatures along with group discussion on the endless possibilities of this glass medium. This technique may then be used on larger fused glass works once you become familiar with the process in our upcoming Independent Study classes or Open Studio. All materials and firings are included in your tuition.