Move it, Move it: Hinges 3 ways

Days & Times:
February 22, February 23, and February 24 - 10am-4pm
Beginner Level (some experience is helpful)
385 Tequesta Drive - Studio J

If you’re ready to get a little movement into your work, have tried hinges before and didn’t fall in love with them, let me help you. This workshop is going to show three ways to create a hinge that is incorporated into your piece, as well as a hinge you can attach later. I will also cover three different solder set-ups for creating those hinges with tricks on how to keep it stress free. Starting with a basic hinge we’ll consider how the hinge will open and close, the range of motion it allows for and what situations it best suits. We’ll then take that information and apply it to the next hinges as we move forward. A handout will accompany the class, laying out the hinges to be covered as well as variations.

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