Oil Painting for Beginners with Bianca Urbanowicz

Oils For Beginners 2
Days & Times:
Tuesdays, 3:30-6:30pm
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio B

In this course, we aim to help the artist become comfortable with the foundations of Oil Painting. We will discuss painting safety and begin the course by doing a simple still life to establish the needs and levels of the class. Once the needs of the students are established, the class will be conducted using the technique of Alla Prima, painting wet on wet, setting underpaintings, color mixing, and some dry brushing to practice tone, value, some perspective, general color theory, and a few basic fundamentals of drawing.

To finish off the course, we will spend the final one to two weeks simply painting and having fun. On the last day, we will compare our first week of painting to the final weeks and see how far everyone has come.

Week 1; Oil Painting safety, Simple still life Painting Week 2-4/6; Oil Painting techniques, value study, perspective, general color theory, simple compositional rules Week 5-8; Paint, Paint, Paint, implementing everything learned.

Oil Painting for Beginners Supply List