Painting Interior Scenes and Cafes with Eli Cedrone

Workshop 2
Days & Times:
March 29 – 30, 10am – 4pm
All Skill Levels Welcome
373 Tequesta Dr. Studio B

In this workshop, you’ll learn the key concepts of painting interior scenes. Eli will demonstrate and explain her methods and work one-on-one with each student. The focus will be on:

· How light flows through a scene, illuminating forms and creating an evocative mood.

· Achieving accurate drawing and correct values; two of the most crucial aspects of representational painting.

· How to develop a well-balanced composition of light and shadow patterns (chiaroscuro)

· How to quickly block in the motif or major elements of the scene.

· Balancing warm incandescent light with cool natural light

· And lastly how to achieve value contrast and add finishing touches to your painting.

Painting Interior Scenes and Cafes Supply List