Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Days & Times:
Friday - 10am - 12pm
Intermediate – Advanced
Meet at Main Gallery

Love photography?  Looking for something new to shoot?  Join photographer, Irene Hill, for a Photo Scavenger Hunt at the Lighthouse ArtCenter!  60 items to find and shoot within a 2- block radius. No fancy gear, only your phone camera.


1st & 2nd place will be awarded a LAC Membership.

(if you are already are a LAC member, you will receive a Select Friday Workshop)


How it works:

At the end of the hunt, we meet back in the gallery to review some of the photos you have taken! The first one to return with all 60 items photographed wins the hunt. If no one gets all 60, then the winner will be the person with the most items. A second winner will be chosen for the best photo regardless of how many items you find. Participants must know how to send a photo to email using their phones.