Art For The Caregiver
Days & Times:
Friday, 5-7pm
All Levels Welcome
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio A

This class is designed to help the Caregiver shift focus from the care of others and learn to declare through artistic practice. The goal of this workshop will be to begin an art journal. Participants will use Neuerographica and grounding techniques to explore and express emotions through the art-making process.

The focus of the class will be on the process of art creation. There is no need to have any prior art skill or knowledge. This class is appropriate for the absolute beginner, or any artist interested in learning to use art to connect to personal insights and wellbeing. The class provides but is not limited to acrylic, watercolor, pastel, drawing tools, and other media.

Get to know your local museum in an interactive museum tour, while learning a working knowledge of basic art principles and how to use basic art terminology.