Days & Times:
Tuesdays - 12pm-3pm
Offsite (LG Foundry, 3728 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, FL  33401) and 3D Studio-Studio E

This class will focus on building techniques for developing armature and creating figurative sculpture. During the first class, students will visit a bronze foundry in West Palm Beach, FL (LG Foundry, 3728 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, FL  33401). Students will be responsible for providing their own ride. On the tour, the class will see the potential of mold-making for various materials such as bronze, poured stone, and other permanent materials. The class will then learn to build an armature, which is necessary to facilitate any size. Our piece will be a maximum of 24” tall. Students will build their own armature and create their sculpture in clay, based on a live model in class. Class includes 50 lbs of clay.