Teen Life Drawing

Days & Times:
Tuesdays - 5pm - 7pm
Ages 12-18
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio B

The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity
-Alberto Giacometti

Observing and drawing the human figure teaches an artist to see a curve, line, or subtle undulation found in nature. This course will focus on scale, spatial geometry, and mark-making as students learn to draw the figure in relation to the environment and develop a better understanding of the act of drawing and seeing. Students will work from direct observation with a clothed model. A variety of materials and techniques will be used to encourage creativity and exploration of the human form to strengthen the student’s individual drawing practice. The model will take gestural poses varied in time from very quick to longer sittings. Supplies are provided by the Lighthouse Arts Center.