Watercolor Techniques and Methods

Days & Times:
January 23 - January 25 - 10am-4pm
All Levels Welcome
373 Tequesta Drive - Studio C

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn techniques and methods that will make your paintings better, easier and more fun to paint. You will learn how to use paint and make interesting textures and brush strokes. Watercolor painting for beginners can feel intimidating, but if you have never picked up a paintbrush, this class will get you started on creating beautiful works of art. Some of the techniques you will learn are: Flat Washes, Graded Washes, Glazes, Brush Work, Drybrush, Wet-Into-Wet, and more. You will learn how to know which color to start with when trying to match a color in your reference photo or outdoor painting subject. After practicing these techniques, you will learn how to use them together to create beautiful paintings.

You will also learn some of the techniques of the old masters to draw subjects more accurately on your watercolor paper. There will be discussions about paints, brushes, paper brands, sizes, weights, and textures. You will learn why certain papers are better suited for certain types of paintings.

Glenn will show you how to seal your watercolor paintings with a UV Archival Varnish so your painting can be framed without glass and mats. Glenn will bring paintings that have this varnish coating so you can see the difference it makes in framing watercolors.

Each day, Glenn will demonstrate each technique and then pause as the students will complete that step. He will provide individual assistance while the student paints. Glenn will provide photographs for each student to use as subject matter. The subjects will be part or portions of the two paintings you see here on this webpage.

Watercolor Techniques and Methods Supply List