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Amalia Mermingas

Amalia Mermingas, ceramics instructor at Lighthouse ArtCenter, began her artistic career in drawing and painting but quickly found a love for clay and sculpture. Growing up in Athens Greece, her curiosity for all things ancient and mysterious came at a young age. She earned a BFA in Fine Art and a BA in Art History from Florida Atlantic University. More recently, she completed her MFA in Ceramics from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her current works focus strongly on landscape, memory, travel, and the art of writing. This colorful and diverse coral reef was built by an equally colorful group of artists from the Monumental Sculptures class at Lighthouse ArtCenter. Driven by the important role coral plays in keeping our seas healthy, this installation reminds us of the delicate nature of our environment and our responsibility to protect the natural world.   

Marine Oasis

(Watch this space for a photo of this monumental cooperative 3D ceramic sculpture)

Cooperative artists include:

Marie Gillman

Kristin Hollander

Patricia Reagan

Linda Janney

Laurel Brower

Kay Coughlin

Sally Bliss

Suzanne Manzi

Karen Keenan

Marcia Beckman

Amalia Mermingas