Path of the Panther

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Carlton Ward Jr. SMALL BANNER 11 HIGH

Carlton Ward Jr.

Carlton Ward Jr. is a conservation photographer and National Geographic Explorer whose mission is to inspire appreciation and protection of Florida’s original nature and culture – the endangered wildness that is often hidden in plain sight but very much needs our attention to be saved.

Carlton began his career working with the Smithsonian Institution in Central Africa, leading to his first book, The Edge of Africa.  In 2004, he retrained his focus on his native Florida, motivated by eight generations of family heritage and a drive to bring new attention and protection to the state’s under-appreciated wild heart.  In 2009, Carlton published the award-winning book, Florida Cowboys.  In 2010, he founded the Florida Wildlife Corridor project, which led to two National Geographic supported expeditions, which both produced award-winning books, PBS films, and widespread outreach for the statewide vision to keep Florida wild.

The Path of the Panther project became Carlton’s full-time focus in 2015, supported by grants from the National Geographic Society. Live Wildly Foundation, Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation, and numerous partners.  With a mission to inspire a public and political movement to save the Florida Wildlife Corridor through the story of the endangered Florida panther, the Path of the Panther project helped inspire the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act in 2021.  The project also produced an award-winning film, Path of the Panther, set to premiere on National Geographic and Disney+ in April 2023, and alongside a new National Geographic book of the same title.