Change a Life, Change the World

“Art-making enables us to imagine possibilities and see a future beyond the present moment.”

-Girija Kaimel, EdD, MA, Drexel University

Art For All is an initiative to provide art instruction and community to ALL.

Lighthouse ArtCenter is passionate about art and believes in the positive impact art can have in ALL of our lives. This belief is backed up by vast amounts of research. For developing children, art programs have a great impact on their minds, enhancing memory and concentration skills, developing decision-making and critical thinking, improving communication and listening skills, and encouraging focus and discipline. Research shows that art programs increase emotional well-being and promote a sense of calm. Art provides an opportunity to connect with yourself and your community. Art is a universal language and encourages expression and communication. Lastly, and most importantly, there is joy in creating and learning artist techniques.

We can ALL benefit from art.

This is the idea behind Art For All. More art. More community. More joy and connection.

Art For All encompasses 10 programs: Youth Art Scholarships for Art Classes and Summer ArtCamp, ArtReach, VeteransArt, Senior ArtReach, ArtClub, 3-Wings Visiting Artist Fellowship, LAC Visiting Artist Fellowship, and the Olivia Palumbo Adult and Youth Special Needs Class.

Your contribution will enable us to fully fund these Art For ALL programs:

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